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2022 Reagan Run 5K Race Results

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Running Technology & Gear

With the Reagan Run fast approaching, you might be thinking about a new pair of shoes, a new running shirt and shorts, maybe a new Smartwatch. The available options in running technology and gear are endless; Smartphones, Smartwatches\GPS watches, carbon plated running shoes, moisture-wicking/antimicrobial clothing and socks, it can all be very overwhelming for the…

Race Day Nutrition

Written by Eve Guenther, RD, KSB Dietitian With race day right around the corner, it certainly is not too early to start thinking about race day nutrition. Whether this is your first race, or you are a seasoned professional, race day can be hectic and for some of us, nutrition is the farthest thing from…

Kids Wanna Reagan Run Program

My name is Katie Matteson. I’ve been a long distance runner for over 15 years. When I first heard about the kids wanna Reagan run program I was so excited to jump in and help. During this program we teach the kids how to warm up, stretch, proper running form, pacing, nutrition, safety, and most…

What is C25K?

You have made a decision to start running.  What do you do next?  A visit to your doctor for a health check-up is recommended prior to starting any exercise regimen.  And, then you ask, what do I know about running?  A program that is designed to help you start these efforts is “C25k” or Couch…

Kids Just Wanna Reagan Run

Join the YMCA this year again for the Kids Just Wanna Reagan Run program. Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning May 16, 2022. The class will begin at the YMCA at 5:30 PM each day and runs will be in various courses in and around the neighborhoods and downtown. Register Here! Print Form

2022 Reagan Run 5K Race information

The 2022 Reagan Run 5K Race will be held on Saturday, July 2, 2022, in Dixon, IL. Reagan Run Scholarship information and application Reagan Run 5K Race on-line registration Reagan Run 5K Race printable registration form Watch this space for more information!

2022 Reagan Run 5K Scholarship info and application

The Reagan Run 5K Committee is offering six (6) $500 Scholarships, three male and three female, for students who were continuing their post-secondary education at a 2-year college, 4-year college/university or trade school.  This is a one-year, one-time scholarship. The scholarships are available to any high school seniors who are graduating in 2022 and reside…

2021 Reagan Run 5K Race Results

2021 Reagan Run 5K Results 2021 Reagan Run 5K Age Group Results 2021 Reagan Run 5K Virtual Race Results (runners who submitted their times) ______________________________________________________________________________________ The 2021 Reagan Run 5K Race included dynamic, live race results, linked below. Recent finishers: Click the gear icon on that page to select columns and change the refresh rate….

Leaving Your Technology Behind

Have you seen a recent picture of a start line? One taken in say the last five years? In those pictures, most people’s heads are down and their wrists are raised. What are they doing? Well, they are doing what most runners do. They are starting their activity watch to capture their run. You know…