Kids Wanna Reagan Run Program

My name is Katie Matteson. I’ve been a long distance runner for over 15 years. When I first heard about the kids wanna Reagan run program I was so excited to jump in and help. During this program we teach the kids how to warm up, stretch, proper running form, pacing, nutrition, safety, and most important making running fun! We also provided  healthy snacks for the kids after each running session.

This year we are doing a 7 week program for 1st-6th grade, starting May 16th and running until June 29th. This will lead up to the Reagan Run 5k Race on July 2nd.  Last year we had a great group of kids come out and join the program. We would run downtown, in the neighborhoods and out at Lowell park. When we had days we couldn’t be outside we would utilize the gymnasium at the YMCA and do drills, strength training exercises, and play running games.

We had the kids fill out running journals as well during this program. Having the running journal is an excellent training tool to have the kids keep track of they’re miles, how they felt during the training, weather conditions, any injuries, etc. It kept the kids on track and got them set goals for themselves. Towards the end of the program for all they’re hard work we treated the kids to some ice cream and a friendly water balloon fight. All the kids from last year ran in the Reagan Run 5k and finished! For any kid who is wanting to get started with running this is a great program to join.